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Margaret Cleveland, Owner, Creatively Cleveland

Creatively Cleveland, Sewing & Quilt Making Classes In Oregon

Creatively Cleveland produces members of the community who have a new trade, can hold down a job, care for their families and become productive members of society. I teach professional sewing skills that can be used to augment income or become a primary source of income. My students will graduate with a sense of accomplishment, enhanced self-esteem, confidence in their skills, and a way to earn enough money to make a better life for their families. I charge students $20.00 per weekly class for a 12-week period for beginners, and higher prices for advanced training. I teach quilting on request. I help choose the pattern, material and style of the quilt. I work directly with the students to complete the quilt.

If you are interested in ordering an item made specifically for you, take a further look at my page and products or get in touch with me. I would be glad to assist you.

Online & In-Person Sewing Classes

Isn’t it amazing how something made from scratch can turn out to be so beautiful and spectacular? Often times things made by the hands are made with love and care. We always feel that handmade mean more to us than store-bought items. That is why some people prefer making do-it-yourself presents instead of just buying something from the shop and having them wrapped.

The quilts we sew are one of those handmade treasures; they portray love, warmth and affection from family, friends, and all the people we care about. We spend a lot of time just to make sure the custom quilts for sale from Oregon meet your expectations. As one of the leaders in the sewing and quilt making industry, we take pride in our efforts to share our knowledge, skills and experience with sewing products – not just quilts – but anything that can be woven by the hands.


Sewing has long been a popular hobby of women all over the world and we want to keep this wonderful tradition going by teaching people to sew and making something extraordinary out of simple materials such as needles and threads. Sewing is not a complicated activity, so anyone can learn this fun and exciting hobby. In fact, children can start taking sewing classes and pattern making classes through our virtual or in-person classes. This is where parents will start seeing their children’s ability and creativity to produce something out of scratch.

For adults, sewing has myriad benefits. It is a great way to relax and have fun while being creative and resourceful. It can also be a form of self-expression, where one has the freedom to create unique and ingenious designs based on their personality. Sewing can be a solid source of income and can serve as a training ground for those just looking for a hobby, or for those looking to pursue a career in fashion. Moreover, sewing helps improve a person’s social skills as they interact with other people who share the same goal: to have more creative independence and explore the wonderful world of sewing.

Sewing Classes, Quilt-Making Classes, Embroidery Classes & More

Beginner Sewing Classes

Students will learn all parts of the machine, tools that are used in cutting material and sewing, types of material and thread used in different applications, and where all of this can take you. The student will also take on two projects over the course of the six lessons in the beginners sewing series. All materials and equipment are provided.

$15.00 per person per session, 1 hour each, 6 sessions.

Scholarship Programs Available

Intermediate Sewing Classes

Students will take the lessons learned in the beginners sewing series and start a project of their choice, creating clothing or quilt with guidance and their choice of fabric and pattern. Pattern development and design will be taught along with increased use of stitching to enhance projects. All materials and equipment are provided. Intermediate sewing classes can be scheduled as group or individual lessons.

$25.00 per person per session, 90 minutes per session, 6 sessions.

Scholarship Programs Available

Advanced Sewing Classes

Students will take lessons learned in previous sewing class series or previous sewing experience as demonstrated to the instructor and learn quilting and embroidery. They will work with the instructor to produce projects of their choice, or design their own works of art to enjoy. Equipment and most materials are provided. Advanced sewing classes can be scheduled as group or individual lessons.

$50.00 per person per session, 2 hours per session, number of sessions as agreed upon before purchase.

Scholarship Programs Available

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